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Australian fine art and illustration

Australian fine art & illustration
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This is a community for Australian fine art, photography, sculpture, illustration, art lovers & artists (music, movies, anything that you consider art. There are no strict rules.) If you'd like to, you can share or discuss your favourite aussie art, current and upcoming exhibitions, magazines, art schools/courses, events and awards. Or (and this would be great) you can post your own artwork (just make sure the picture isn't h-u-g-e.)

This was basically made because there is no australian art community, and i figured it'd be kind of nice even if only a few people joined.

aboriginal art, acrylics, adam cullen, albert namatjira, alisdair macintyre, art, arthur boyd, arthur streeton, artists, australian art, australian artists, australian illustrators, australian landscape, bessie gibson, brett whiteley, bush artists, charles blackman, charles bush, charles conder, cynthia breusch, david boyd, david davies, design, donald friend, drawing, e. phillips fox, elioth gruner, fred williams, frederick mccubbin, george lambert, grace cossington smith, grace crowley, graeme base, gregory rogers, guy boyd, hans heyson, heidelberg school, hugh ramsay, ian fairweather, illustration, illustrators, isaac walter jenner, james gleeson, jeffrey smart, john coburn, john glover, john kelly, john olsen, john perceval, john russell, joy hester, julie vivas, lawrence daws, lionel lindsay, lloyd rees, madeleine kelly, margaret olley, margaret preston, margaret wild, max meldrum, mem fox, merric boyd, michael zavros, norman lindsay, oils, painting, pastels, patricia piccinini, peter booth, photography, possum magic, ray crooke, rupert bunny, russell drysdale, s.t. gill, sculpture, sidney nolan, stan cross, sydney long, terry denton, the lindsays, thomas watling, tim storrier, tom roberts, vivienne goodman, walter withers, watercolours, william dobell, william robinson